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Gunpowder Green (Organic)

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Tasting Notes: Savoury. Woodsy. Round.

Tender, young organic fair-trade green tea leaves rolled into small spheres resembling gunpowder. This fragrant green tea produces a grassy infusion with a slight smoky flavour.

A deeply renewing pick-me-up any time of day.

Formerly known as Green Bullet.

Caffeine: Medium

Tea Variety: Green Tea

Tea Origin: China

Ingredients: Organic Gunpowder Green Tea

Water Temperature: 180-185 F degrees
Steep Time: 3 minutes
Suggested Serving Size: 1 tsp / 8 oz

Customer Reviews

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Just a bit bitter for

Just a bit bitter for me personally

Hi Saige,

I'm sorry to hear this. Have you tried changing your steeping time? I find if I steep it too long, it can become bitter.

Let me know how long you're currently steeping it for and if you shorten the time, how it turns out.

~ Sherry

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