Grove City Market — September 17, 2023 — Spruce Grove

Grove City Market — September 17, 2023 — Spruce Grove

UPDATE: September 17, 2023 Market

Join us for the final Grove City Market of the 2023 season! It’s been an absolute blast meeting everyone, chatting, & enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with each Sunday. This last Sunday (17th) is surely going to help us send the season off with a bang. 

Be sure to join us don the grass, have a refreshing cuppa tea, and take in the festivities. 


Grove City’s Inaugural Outdoor Market Season

Join us every other Sunday on the grass for this fabulous, outdoor Summer market in Spuce Grove. Our next tea bar with Grove City is September 3, at 495 South Avenue. 

With live music, free activities for the littles, and 35 unique vendors, it’s a great way to spend your Sunday afternoon. Bring a picnic blanket and come enjoy a few hours with the family, live music, and a cup of tea to sip while relaxing. 

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