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Words that make our teacups sing!


This is such a great summer tea, we've enjoyed it hot and cold. The flavours are so perfect for iced tea, definitely my wife's favourite currently.

Blair H.


I am extremely picky about Earl Grey tea, with so many of them having either too much or too little bergamot. This tea is beautifully balanced with bergamot. And to find one that is organic and not have all the pesticides we are learning that all the well known brands contain. Thank you for this treasure. 

Lori M.



The way jasmine tea should be. Still struggling with finding the proper pearl to water ratio to get perfect flavouring.



This is an excellent Earl Grey, and I've tried many. It's got a great balance and really creamy, I thought I'd gotten the Crème of earl grey. It's really nice to support local and still get a great product. I've even hidden it from my wife and started to ration it! More orders coming soon!

Blair H.


Love it!

It's now my go-to drink.

Maureen H.



I have a sweet spot for tea with hibiscus in it. Absolutely one of the best teas ive had in a long time. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes a sour but very naturally sweet tea.

Desiree B.


Kicking it Awesome!

What a great tea this is! I may not have even tried this tea if not for Sherry, and I'm happy for it! Its so dark and rich, spicy and sweet... Its a real original. I'll be ordering more soon!

Blair H.


The only way to start your day

A symphony of full flavor balanced to perfection! I enjoy this blend every morning to get my day going. Highly recommended and great to support local small business! Try it out.

Dave C.


It's become a new favourite for me - calm and bright.

Doris K.
Teapot with Two Blue Teacups - Uniting Our Tea Community - The Cove Tea Company - Edmonton, Alberta Canada

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