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The Cove Tea Company

Crème d’Earl Grey (Organic)

Crème d’Earl Grey (Organic)

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Introducing Crème d’Earl Grey by The Cove Tea Company — an extraordinary blend combining the classic elegance of Earl Grey with a velvety cream infusion. Steeped with the enticing aroma of bergamot and subtle notes of vanilla, this tea transports you to sun-drenched citrus groves.

Each sip of Crème d’Earl Grey delights your palate with a harmonious fusion of flavours. The bright citrus essence of bergamot intertwines flawlessly with the comforting embrace of creamy vanilla, creating a taste that is unparalleled and leaves you craving more.




*black tea | thé noir, *natural oil of bergamot | huile naturelle de bergamote, natural french vanilla extract | extrait naturel de vanille française (*organic/biologique)


Medium | Moyenne

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Samantha Clark
A Great “Cozy Up” Tea

I love Earl Grey and this amazing blend with a hint of vanilla really smooths and rounds out the flavour on this tea. Great for cozying up with a good book or my crochet. I just love it’s nice rich aroma and taste.

I recommend adding a splash of Bailey’s as well. So good.

Kyra K.
Perfect Balance

This tea is perfect when you want a black tea with a hint of sweetness. The vanilla is subtle and the tannins are light. I enjoy this with a splash of milk but it's great all on its own too.

Susan Flower
Earl Grey Today

Smooth, soothing and satisfying. This is not Earl Grey of yesterday. A good tea for reading with, especially on a wet afternoon.


Absolutely delicious! If you are an earl grey tea lover this tea is a must!

Helene E.
Creme de Earl grey

Absolutely loved this tea. I am very fussy about my Earl Grey creams .. have tried a number of varieties .
This is an absolutely perfect blend. LOVED LOVED LOVED this tea